Respect for the environment is our core value.


As an international technology leader in refractories, Seven Refractories offers an extensive portfolio of advanced monolithic refractory materials world-wide. The extensive product portfolio is complemented by the project management skills of dedicated technical personnel and ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 certifications. 

Our monolithics provide the first response to the most typical customer applications for a wide range of industries:

We serve the iron industry with products for blast and reheating furnaces, ladles, tundish and a range of environmentally friendly taphole clays. The steel industry is provided with some of the most cutting edge solutions to facilitate the technological quantum leap from traditional brick solutions to modern monolithics for steel ladles.

For the cement industry, we supply a full assortment of products for burner lances, preheaters, calciners, riser ducts, smoke chambers, and kilns. In addition, our products and customer-specific solutions are utilized in aluminium plants, power generators, and reheat furnaces and other application areas.

Our specialization in refractories is based on a solid foundation of an international management team with decades of experience in the industry. Four modern plants –two in Asia, two in Europe – follow the highest production standards while ensuring the flexibility to meet customer demands.

Our product range is under
constant evolution.
Group CEO
New and better products with
improved customer service.
Roman Cheglov
Group CSO
VP Sales and Technique
We offer the best suitable monolithic
refractory solution.


Group CFO & IT Coordination
VP Finance
Our true focus is on serving
our customers.


Group COO
VP Production


  • Erik Zobec – Group CEO
    After two decades of international experience in refractories, Erik pursued his dedication to the industry with the modern vision in the foundation of Seven Refractories. He is fluent in 5 languages and one of the major shareholders of Seven Refractories.
  • Roman Cheglov – VP Sales and Technics
    Starting as Managing Director of Seven Russia country organisation, leading it for several years as expert in the Steel & Iron industry, Roman is now the new CSO for Sales and Technics. Also Roman is a shareholder of Seven Refractories and fluent in 3 languages.
  • Patrizia Romagna – VP Finance
    Patrizia  was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Seven Refractories in April 2012.  Prior to joining the Group, she served as Chief Financial Officer in a Slovenian tire production company, which was part of a multinational corporation and held a number of senior financial and business development positions at a fully foreign-owned banking branch in Italy, including the positions of Responsible of the Treasury, Payment and Guarantee Departments. She is fluent in 4 languages.
  • Renzo Iuretigh – VP Production
    Renzo has led refractory production facilities in countries as diverse as Germany, China, and of course Slovenia. After starting as Plant Manager for Seven Slovenia  and thus as the creator of our modern production line, Renzo is now responsible for all our production processes and sites, purchasing, new industries projects and constructions. He is also a shareholder of Seven Refractories and fluent in 4 languages.


  • More than 800 new products developed
  • 400 m2 in-house laboratory
  • Customers in more than 45 countries and 5 continents
  • 150.000 metric tons yearly capacity in our innovative plants
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • 25 nationalities within the employees
  • 80 mio. EUR annual turnover


Seven Kasachstan Plant
Seven Plant in Kazachstan
Dalmiaseven Plant in Katni/India
Dalmiaseven Plant in India
Seven Plant in Busalla/Italy
Seven Plant in Busalla Italy

Seven Refractories production footprint rests on four factories, two in Europe, one in Central Asia, and one in India.

The main plant in Divaca/Slovenia is dedicated to environmentally taphole clays and advanced monolithics. The facility has already undergone substantial enlargement and upgrading since its inception.

The production facility in Busalla/Italy complements the monolithic offering with an extensive range of preshaped products.

The newly opened plant in Karaganda/Kazakhstan is our answer to growing demand in the larger Central Asian region. Finally, the production site in Katni/India is the fully equipped facility of Dalmia Seven, the joint venture between Seven Refractories and Dalmia OCL of India.

We are especially proud of our environmentally friendly manufacturing approach, where solar roof panels provide production with green energy. With our international subsidiaries and agencies, we serve top customers in more than 45 countries, among them NLMK, Voest Alpine, Isdemir, ArcelorMittal, Severstal, Breitenfeld AG, and Heidelberg Cement.


One common goal for our Customers:

No matter where you are, we would like to deeply understand your process and your wishes and offer you the best suitable monolithic refractory solution.


Seven Refractories is proud to be a partner of renowned industry institutions, laboratories, research institutes, and academic institutions. We appreciate the support and expertise of our professional network. Our national and international connections enable us to constantly become better in our research, production, and daily work.